Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Guest blog | Neville Wright: Why I Lendwithcare

Not only has Lender of the Week Neville Wright made an incredible 1,192 Lendwithcare loans in just over 2 years, but until the 15th May he is also generously using any profits from his recent book launch to further support Lendwithcare. Amazing support! We got in touch to ask how and why he first started supporting Lendwithcare entrepreneurs.

Hi, my name is Neville Wright, I joined Lendwithcare on 6 April 2012.  Why, because this ‘microfinance system’ of giving is a lot different to the number of other charities that I have given money to in the past, for me not seeing any results from my gifts did not encourage me to give more, previous donations to other organisations seemed to disappear into oblivion as I had no means of tracking what I have personally given.

With Lendwithcare I can see up to the current day that I have helped 3,615 entrepreneurs, along with 10,530 of their family members, which in turn has created 1,360 jobs.

So, what attracted me to Lendwithcare - I can put myself into the ‘budding entrepreneurs shoes’.  I wanted to help people to start their own businesses, something that I did with just 37p in 1974, it didn’t occur to me that there would be ordinary people who would lend you any money free of interest in those days*.  

I know how these loans help the entrepreneurs, how the repayment system puts them in a better position of being responsible for their actions in their own businesses; if the repayment system didn’t exist then the entrepreneurs would not be encouraged and motivated to build strong businesses for the long term. 

One of my long-term goals was to write a book about my life; being a dyslexic this was a huge challenge in itself.  I started writing in 2012 and am delighted to say it’s now finished, all 392 pages.  The book goes through the ups, downs, highs and lows of running a business.  Spanning 40 years I created one of the biggest independent businesses in the UK turning that 37p into 100 million pounds.  The book - The Answer is Yes Now What is the Question - is out now.

The book was written to inspire people with Dyslexia and ADHD, for people starting out or wishing to improve their business - I think everyone can gain something from reading my book.

Thank you Neville, not only for supporting so many entrepreneurs and their families through, but also for generously further supporting Lendwithcare through your recent book sales!

*Lendwithcare does not charge any interest on the loans you make to poor entrepreneurs. However, with the exception of our partner Akhuwat in Pakistan, our microfinance partners may charge interest to their borrowers. Read more here.

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