Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Large loans vs small loans

You lend your money, on trust, to someone in a country far away to help them earn a living.  You choose whether to make a loan to an individual  entrepreneur like Haleema Bibi  (left) who embroiders shawls in her house in Lahore, or to people like Ricardo Santos from the Philippines, (below) who runs  a relatively established business with paid employees and a regular income. The beauty of is that the choice is yours.  

Friday, 9 August 2013

Making loans and transforming lives in Pakistan

Safiya and her husband, Khuda
Picture: © CARE
It is quite fitting that as the holiest month in the Muslim calendar, Ramadan, draws to a close this week and Muslims around the world celebrate the arrival of the new moon, we at will be celebrating the successful inclusion of our first Islamic Microfinance partner, Akhuwat in Pakistan.

Originally posted on the Department for International Development UK website, reposted here.