Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Why I Lend: To help out business owners from across the globe

Lendwithcare lender, Ffion Davies, founder of PR company Espressivo Creative, tells us why she lends …

Gilda Valerio, an entrepreneur from the Philippines supported by Espressivo Creative


Being an entrepreneur can be extremely rewarding, but also, ridiculously lonely at times. When a fellow entrepreneur creates an alliance with another, there’s a new bond being created, an alliance, if you will, and it’s rather quite special.

What’s more special is that here at Espressivo Creative, we’re not only creating alliances with other entrepreneur’s on nearly an every day basis, but we’re proud to be helping out business owners from across the globe who don’t get the privilege to receive as much help as we do over here in the UK. We’ve got a tonne of information at our disposal to aid us with business related queries and issues we may come across, especially when it comes to funds. However, not everyone in this world is as lucky as we are.

We’re currently working with not 1, not 2, but 3 different businesses from some of the poorest places in the world, where people are just trying to start their own ventures in order to stand on their own 2 feet, although I can’t stand that overused cliché, it’s exactly what they’re doing. And how are we doing that? Well, we’re a member of, who provide micro loans from people just like you and me who pledge to help other ambitious people to get their businesses started.

This isn’t a donation, but a loan, where we treat our fellow entrepreneur’s with respect, just like we’d like to be treated too. We’re not offering hand outs but a solution to get their brand new business started and giving their lives an extra dimension. I’m proud to say that we’re part of enabling business growth in some of the poorest areas in the world.

Thank you for allowing us to help!

By lendwithcare lender, Ffion Davies

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